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Haircare during the pandemic



Enhancing our hygiene and hair care has become vital, especially during the lockdown blues. Adding to the strange facts about Covid-19, researchers have found that the virus can even cause temporary hair fall! According to a survey by Dr. Natalia Lambert representing the Indiana University School of Medicine, losing hair was among the top 25 symptoms experienced by those suffering from this infectious disease.
The pandemic has imposed a sense of enhanced need to maintain daily hygiene and hair care is a mandatory part of it. It is best to use products that have fewer chemicals to prevent common hair problems like dry hair, split ends, dry scalp, itchy scalp, and hair fall. The situation demands extra precautionary methods to look into a regular process of hair care and develop a routine.
Although hair transplant surgery is a low level of surgical procedure, recent times have prompted unprecedented restrictions on clinics dealing with this niche area of expertise. So whether your hair problems merit a hair transplant surgery or not, at this point, what is essential is not to push the panic button and adapt to the “new normal”.

Mandatory hair care routine

Looking after your tresses
Simple changes to your hair care routine can help you maintain healthy and lustrous hair during these challenging times. Experts in this domain say that haircare now also involves reducing stress levels, sleeping well, and paying heed to the body’s nutritional requirements. These can go a long way in even reducing uncontrollable hair fall in many cases. However, some of the common hair problems can be easily tackled at home for better quality and assured results.

Some of the other suggestions, specific to this pandemic-ridden period, include:

It is advisable not to leave your hair open if you are stepping out or even when you are at your workplace. Covering it, preferably with a surgical cap, is recommended.

If you are stepping out, make sure to wash your hair with a mild shampoo and follow it up using a conditioner as soon as you are home. This will enable you to keep the hair clean, reduce friction and maintain good hair health.

The usage of styling products like oil, hair gel, hair colour and other synthetic products should be minimized or avoided since they attract more dust and grime.
Touching hair with hands is common. However, it should be avoided as much as possible, especially if you are out of your house. It is a mandatory hair care practice to avoid direct communication with germs and other viruses.

To be extra cautious, it is recommended that you use your own comb, hairpins and hair bands and not share it with others at this juncture.

Trust only reputed clinics
Safety is of paramount importance today. If you are plagued by uncontrollable hair fall and have to consult a surgeon, visit only the well-known clinics that are deemed “Covid-protected facilities”. Top-of-the-line clinics like PLCSC have reopened their services after coming up with strong foundations for preventing and controlling the spread of the infection. The highly qualified medical team has worked diligently to develop best practices in sync with health guidelines issued by the government to create a “safe environment” for all its patients. Practising strict social distancing and using appropriate PPE equipment, masks, proper disinfecting, and a high level of hygiene is the order of the day. This reputed clinic is also employing comprehensive Covid screening tools to ensure the safety of one and all. By adhering to all the suggested health protocols, the clinic continues to march on and help patients find surgical and non-surgical solutions to all their hair problems.

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