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Tips to Speed Hair Growth After Hair Transplant Surgery



The advancement in hair transplantation surgery has given a new lease of life to those who have been rendered helpless by premature hair fall. Their confidence is restored by this surgical procedure that gifts them with natural-looking, healthy hair again. However, immediately after the procedure, the patient will have to exercise caution and pay heed to the instructions of the surgeon to re-grow the hair fast as well as protect the scalp.


Be gentle on your scalp

Avoid touching your head unnecessarily after the hair transplantation surgery. You may experience slight itching around the affected area – make sure you avoid the temptation of picking or scratching it vigorously! Use medications prescribed by the surgeon only. If you have to apply them on the scalp area, be very gentle and avoid applying too much pressure. Do not shampoo your hair until you are advised by the surgeon to do so. Work on the treated area tenderly without using any rubbing movements and refraining from the usage of highly pressurized water jets. When drying, it is recommended that you pat your hair gently or simply air dry.

Avoid vigorous work-out sessions

Abstain from any activity like walking, jogging, working out in the gym and others that can cause excessive sweating, for at least 7-10 days after the hair transplantation surgery. The profuse sweating can be very detrimental for your newly-transplanted hair. 

Focus on nutrition

Consume high-quality forms of protein. Maximize your vitamin and mineral intake by a wide spectrum of whole foods, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Avoid sugar, caffeinated drinks and junk food as far as possible. The correct diet is sure to promote healthy hair growth.

Rest it out

Give yourself a thorough rest for at least a week after the hair transplantation surgery. Keep away from stressful situations too. A healthy mind and a restful body will quicken the healing process.

Count on an experienced and qualified surgeon

Strictly following the advice of your surgeon will accelerate the healing process. That is why you need to be in the safe hands of a reputed surgeon in the first place. For example, at PLCSC, you are under the supervision of the globally-acclaimed Dr Maneesh Sonthalia and his experienced team of medical experts. Boasting of an impeccable track record, this reputed clinic has brought a smile back to the faces of many patients suffering from uncontrollable hair loss and premature baldness. Dr Sonthalia and his team have created a niche for themselves in this domain by carrying out the most effective techniques in hair transplantation surgery with utmost detailing and care, that too, at very affordable pricing. The clinic has a well-laid out follow-up protocol to ensure the best results after the hair grafting process. They have successfully managed to exceed the expectations of the patients with their expertise and guidance during the procedure as well as the important recovery phase after the surgery.

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