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Is a Hair Transplant Procedure Safe?



Is a Hair Transplant Procedure Safe?

Is the idea of a hair transplant knocking at your door? But you’re questioning its safety?

Well, having safety concerns regarding any medical procedure is normal. However, if the
only thing stopping you from taking a step, the best way around it is to research to make an
informed decision!

Here’s what the experts of the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata have to say!

1. What is a hair transplant?

Many individuals turn to hair transplant procedures, seeking effective hair loss treatments
and hair restoration. Before moving forward, let us first understand what hair transplants

A hair transplant procedure moves hair follicles from a donor site (where follicles are taken
from) to a recipient area (the area facing hair loss).

The primary techniques for performing a hair transplant are –

● Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): involves harvesting a strip of hair-bearing
● Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): involves extracting individual follicular units
directly from the donor area.

2. Is a hair transplant procedure safe?

Hair transplant procedures are generally safe with minimal risk of complications. However,
here are some potential risks and complications of a hair transplant –

● Infection
● New hair growth seems unnatural or uneven
● Graft failure
● Folliculitis
● Bleeding
● Itching
● Pain or swelling
● scarring
● Anaesthesia-related complications

Now now! Hold your horses! Just because it is a potential risk does NOT mean it will

It sounds scary, we understand. But trust us, in the hands of an experienced hair transplant
surgeon, a clinic with cutting-edge technology and the presence of a medicine specialist or a
cardiologist in the team, you shall be in the best hands.

3. Factors Influencing Safety

Ever wondered what makes a hair transplant procedure safe? Patient selection, surgical
methods, technology used, post-operative care and surgical protocols such as double
sterilisation of instruments to prevent infection, all contribute to increased safety and risk

With the advancement of technology, hair transplant procedures have evolved into a haven
for people facing hair loss due to age, stress, genetics, environment etc.

“But how do I know a clinic is safe?”

4. Choosing a Safe Hair Transplant Clinic

Selecting a reputable and safe hair transplant clinic is paramount. Consider factors like –

● Experienced Surgeons
● Accreditations and Certifications
● Positive Reviews and Testimonials
● State-of-the-art facilities and latest technologies
● Transparent Pricing
● Adherence to Safety Protocols
● Before-and-After Photos
● Follow-Up Care
● Personalised Treatment Plans

5. Why choose PLCSC

The list of requirements is long, and we can proudly say, we check every mark.
At PLCSC, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your safety. Our cutting-edge
technologies and experienced hair transplant doctors have earned us a place in the top 3 hair
transplant clinics in Kolkata.

While insurance typically does not cover cosmetic procedures like hair transplants, PLCSC
provides the most affordable hair transplant cost in Kolkata, never compromising the
treatment quality.

From pre-op assessments to post-op care, PLCSC leaves no room for error.


In conclusion, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities at PLCSC. With a relentless
dedication to excellence, advanced technologies, and personalised care, we ensure that your
hair transplant journey is not only safe but also transformative.

Schedule a consultation with PLCSC’s dream team today and take the first step towards a hair

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