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How to Overcome Female Pattern Baldness By Hair Restoration



Hair is Jewelry. It’s an accessory
– Jill Scott

Looking in the mirror and noticing thinning hair can be a discouraging experience for any
woman. With everything you do, let us take hair loss related stress off your plates.

Female pattern baldness affects millions, just like you. But while the loss of hair due to
female pattern hair loss never returns naturally, science and medicinal advancements in hair
restoration techniques offer effective hair loss treatments to combat this condition and
restore confidence.

1. Understanding Female Pattern Baldness
Female pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, typically manifests as a
gradual thinning of hair, especially on the crown and top of the scalp. It may begin as a little
hair loss slowly creating a gap in the hair partition.

Then, the gap might increase and hair loss appears on either side of the partition too, leaving
your hair feeling thinner than before. Lastly bald spots appearing towards the front of the hair
are signs of advanced hair loss.

2. The main culprit
Female pattern baldness is a hereditary condition that is passed down through the family
genes from either parent. In most cases, it is caused by the presence of androgen hormone
dihydrotestosterone (DHT). These hormones can cause the hair follicles to shrink, resulting in
fine, thinning hair or baldness.

Other factors that may contribute to female pattern baldness include-
● Hormonal changes (such as during menopause)
● Stress
● Aging
● Illnesses and autoimmune diseases (such as Alopecia)
● Certain medications (like ones used during Chemotherapy)
● Underlying medical conditions
● Traction Alopecia (caused by wearing hair in tight pulling hairstyles)

3. Consulting a Specialist

Hair loss due to Androgenic Alopecia does not grow back. And without treatment the
situation worsens further. Thus, seeking professional advice is essential.

At PLCSC Clinic, our team of experienced hair restoration specialists offers personalised
consultations to assess your condition and recommend the most suitable treatment options, be
it a hair implant, hair transplant or Hair Loss Treatments such as platelet-rich plasma

Our team of trained hair transplant doctors and the best surgeon in Kolkata, gave PLCSC a
place amongst the top 3 hair transplant clinics in Kolkata, making it the best hair
transplant centre.

With competitive hair transplant cost in India and tailored packages, achieving your
desired results is both achievable and cost-effective.

4. Recommended Hair Restoration Solutions
A hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution to female pattern baldness. Utilising
advanced techniques such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit
Extraction (FUE), offers precise and natural-looking hair transplants that restore density
and volume to thinning areas.

But where can I find the best hair transplant clinic?

5. Choosing the right hair care clinic
Selecting a respected and safe hair transplant clinic is essential. But why should you choose
As one of the top 3 hair transplant clinics in Kolkata, PLCSC Clinic stands out for several
● Experienced Surgeons and the best team of doctors
● Positive Reviews and Testimonials
● Latest facilities and technologies
● Transparent Pricing
● Adherence to Safety Protocols
● Follow-Up Care
● Personalised Treatment Plans

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