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FUT: The game changer in Hair Transplant



Hair transplant has acquired immense popularity across the world. Even in our city of Kolkata, this practice is booming and has successfully brought back the smile to the faces of many distressed patients. In fact, thanks to reputed clinics like Prem Laser Cosmetic Surgery Centre (PLCSC), Kolkata has acquired a niche for itself for offering safe, permanent and globally-accepted treatment. Also noteworthy is the fact that the cost of treatment here is far more affordable than the western countries.

Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is responsible for revolutionizing the whole concept of hair transplantation. Worldwide, this method of treatment has not only made it a far more viable option but also greatly reduced the cost involved.

The process

In FUT, hair follicular units are removed from the permanent zones of the scalp and implanted on the bald areas. These ‘permanent zones’ are areas where there is no hair loss and are susceptible to active hair growth after the grafting. Owing to the presence of these zones in the scalp, the donor grafts for FUT are extracted from the back and sides of the head.

Eligibility for FUT

A consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon representing a reputed clinic will advise you correctly if you can opt for the FUT process. There are also some indicators that make you eligible for this method of transplantation, namely:

  • The baldness is genetic and follows a predictable hair-loss pattern
  • There is adequate hair on the sides and back of your scalp
  • Appearance of the patient is greatly affected by the loss of hair
  • The patient has realistic expectations after surgery 

The way forward

Below are five ways FUT has changed the dynamics of hair transplantation:

  1. Natural look: It offers high quality, permanent and natural-looking results to regain your look and confidence.
  2. Quick sessions: FUT facilitates the surgeon to harvest and graft a huge number of hair follicular units in just a single session.
  3. Affordability: It is cheaper than other transplantation options. Since the payment is per graft, it is monetarily a very reasonable option for the patient.
  4. Higher follicle survival rate: In hair transplantation, it is not possible for every hair follicle to sustain itself. However, the follicular survival rate is higher in FUT than other methods.
  5. Permanent results: Hair graft solutions in FUT are permanent.

In addition to the above, it is critical to be under the care of an experienced surgeon to ensure the process is a success. At PLCSC, our team our trained plastic surgeons, headed by the world-renowned Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, have been delivering excellent results when it comes to delivering this method of surgery. It is part of our focused approach towards educating and bettering the lives of men and women who have been affected by baldness at an early age in their lives.

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