Hair CareHair Transplant How can you inherit baldness, genetically and what's the solution?

How can you inherit baldness, genetically and what’s the solution?

What causes baldness and how do we overcome it? Read on to know more. Androgenic alopecia, commonly referred to as male pattern baldness, can affect both men and women. The genes responsible for this hereditary hair fall get transferred from either of the parents. The condition gets more pronounced with age. Generally, there is 30%…

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Hair Transplant Hair Transplant - clarify your concerns

5 points to Clarify before your Hair Transplant

Do you need a hair transplant surgery? Make sure you have the answers to basic questions before going ahead with the procedure. Hair grafting is the best solution for anyone suffering from uncontrollable hair fall. Not only does this process stem the hairfall, it can improve your overall appearance and bolster your self-confidence. It thus…

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