How does PLCSC go about it?

Hair transplant surgery at PLCSC involves 4 simple steps:

  • Initial consultation
  • Medication & Preparation for Surgery
  • Surgery
  • Post-Surgery Care

Initial Consultation


Patients can either opt for a single sitting or multiple sessions which is completely dependent on the area that needs to be “filled” as part of the surgery.

Medication & Preparation for Surgery


PLCSC carefully follows the  steps to be undertaken to help you prepare for the surgery. It is an important process and has to be followed meticulously.



Surgery in itself is a precise but painless procedure. PLCSC follows a tried and tested approach that includes the following medical steps:

Post Surgery Care


Post surgery, the transplanted hair falls slowly within two to six weeks. New hair grows in the treated area within 10 weeks to the next six months.