PLCSC boasts of a team of experienced and certified medical personnel, with Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, (MBBS), (MS), (M.Ch) (Plastic Surgeon) at the helm of affairs. This team of experts have been working tirelessly to stay abreast of research and latest developments in this sector to gift all its patients a new lease of confidence with the highest success rates in hair grafting.

Dr. Sonthalia, (MBBS), (MS), (M.Ch) in Plastic surgery is, of course, a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon. He has guided his team to enjoy outstanding results in more than 4,000 cases. An alumnus of PG Medical College and Hospital at Kolkata, Dr. Sonthalia has patients consulting him not only from India but across the world.

Before taking up any case, Dr. Sonthalia’s practice encompasses providing the patients with a comprehensive insight into the world of effective treatments and its impact on their life. He is also a partner of ‘Smile Train Program’, an initiative taken to provide underprivileged children with all necessary medical facilities.